Fast Company: Six ideas to make college more affordable

Americans carry more than $1 trillion in college debt, and that what was supposed to be a path to opportunity has become a burden that people carry around with them for years. We ought to be having a conversation about how to make higher education more affordable and more accessible as part of a plan for New Mexico’s future.

Jobs for New Mexicans

On Labor Day, we should all be celebrating the working men and women of New Mexico and of the nation--we should salute the contributions of organized labor over the years, the people, as the saying goes, who brought us the weekend! (And much much more--including the middle class!)

But in New Mexico, we need to temper our celebration with resolve.
When it comes to jobs and economic opportunity, we are the hole in the regional doughnut: Our neighbors are creating jobs and opening up new opportunities, and truthfully, New Mexico is not.