Welcome to 1NM! What is 1NM?

Think of it as New Mexico's Idea Bank.

Here’s what I mean.

Too many of our leaders today see things with the same tired eyes and offer the same tired answers. The “solutions” they come up with are really just more of the same: Business as usual, status quo thinking.

We need new ideas. New energy. New solutions and new dreams we can aspire to and achieve.

I’ve spent a lifetime looking at problems in a different way. When you do that, you can find solutions that others don’t see. That’s why I like to say that New Mexico’s future is hiding in plain sight.  It’s right here! And it can be a great future!  You just have to know where to look. And how to look.

That’s why I am starting One New Mexico:  To get our best ideas out in the open where we can put them to work for New Mexico.

What works to build an economy that can actually lift families up? What works to create schools that don’t let our kids down? What new ideas will stop the arguing about what we don’t do well and start building on what makes us unique and really remarkable?

That’s what One New Mexico is about: Bringing together people and ideas for a better New Mexico.

Got a good idea? Put it in the 1NM Idea Bank.

Doing something that’s working? Let us know about it.

When the time is right, we’ll make a withdrawal—only what we’re taking out is so much more valuable than money. It’s a down payment on a better future for New Mexico.  

Add your voice, add your name, add your idea.

Because in the end, we’re One New Mexico.


Alan Webber